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Now a division of Risk Strategies Company, Anderson Corporate Solutions is a specialist in the design, analysis, and management of employee benefits programs that align business and employee needs

The History Of Anderson Corporate Solutions, Inc.

Our history begins in 1946, when our founder, James W. Anderson, started the company from his home in Decatur, Georgia. In those early years, Mr. Anderson spent most of his time turning prospects into customers by outworking the competition. It was a humble beginning for Mr. Anderson; but, it was one that forged in him a life-long sense of appreciation for each customer that entrusted to him the protection of their family or business.

Mr. Anderson built his business, Jim Anderson & Company, by providing the customer with sound and effective solutions using quality products that were fairly priced. He understood the importance of providing top-notch customer service, so he staffed the business with service-oriented professionals that greeted customers with a smile and a willingness to help. As a result, the company grew and prospered; and over the years, it became one of Georgia’s most well-respected independent insurance businesses.

Today the name of our company has changed to more accurately reflect the expanding scope of our client services, and Mr. Anderson’s legacy continues to guide all that we do. Everyone at Anderson Corporate Solutions works diligently to always outwork and outperform the competition. Our customers are the happy beneficiaries of this effort.

In the future, more changes will undoubtedly be made as the company continues its growth and diversification into new areas of business support; however, certain aspects of our operation will remain unchanged:

  1. Our family of professionals will continue to offer top-notch service by greeting every customer with a warm smile and a can-do spirit whenever we are called upon to lend a hand in matters pertaining to their families, their businesses, or their employees.
  2. As trusted advisors to our valued customers, we will continue to offer sound and effective solutions at a fair price.
  3. We will continue the important process of retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones by staying on the leading edge of emerging trends and outperforming our competition.
  4. We will always maintain our recognition of the importance of a job well done for those who entrust to us the protection of their families and businesses.
  5. Our customers will always have options when selecting a business advisor or insurance broker with whom they will conduct business; so, we will seek every available opportunity to demonstrate, through our actions and the results we deliver, our appreciation for each customer that chooses to conduct business with us.
  6. We will never lose sight of the fact that Mr. Anderson always felt his most important asset was his name, and that he and his name remain an integral part of every action we take at Anderson Corporate Solutions, Inc. We will conduct ourselves with that in mind.

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“I have worked with Ray Parham for only a couple of months and the team has already saved our association significant time and energy by improving the billing process with our health insurance carrier. We are looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship with Ray!”