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Now a division of Risk Strategies Company, Anderson Corporate Solutions is a specialist in the design, analysis, and management of employee benefits programs that align business and employee needs

HR Solutions

Our suite of HR solutions gives you a comprehensive resource for compliance and employee management needs.

HR On-Demand: Unlimited consulting, custom employee handbooks, live chat help, and more.

When we say “unlimited,” we mean it. No hidden costs or fees. You can ask our HR Pros as many questions as you need - online, over the phone, or through our mobile app. Our Pros will even create or customize HR forms, documents, letters, and tools for your business.

HR Complete: Comprehensive, dedicated, strategic support.

HR Complete offers the industry’s most comprehensive HR protection and support. In addition to all of our HR On-Demand services, you will be partnered with one of our certified HR Pros, who can conduct a comprehensive audit, build an HR action plan, and ensure you reach your HR compliance and strategic goals.

HR Insight: In-Depth HR e-Learnings.

You receive live, interactive webinars on the most important HR issues. These webinars are hosted by our certified HR Pros. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Health Care Reform
  • Harassment Prevention
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Hiring & Termination

HR Pro Mobile: Experience HR in an entirely new way with HR Pro Mobile.

HR Pro Mobile is the first mobile app designed to help you navigate HR compliance and employee management issues. HR Pro Mobile puts our team of HR professionals at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere. And it’s free! The app gives you instant access to HR Support Center tools and features, whenever and wherever you need them.

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“As the CFO of a small company, I wear many hats including Human Resources. Over the years I have learned the statement “Its’ not if something will go wrong, but when it will happen” to be true, especially with respect to employee benefits.

When things do go wrong, the next question for anyone in the Human Resources business is “What is my agency going to do to help me?” The answer to that question is why we have been with Anderson Corporate Solutions for the balance of the 21 years we have been in business.

Since I don’t “do” Human Resources all day everyday, I have to rely on someone who does. Anderson Corporate Solutions has never failed me. Regardless of the complexity of the issues I have put before them, their response is timely and accurate and I know from dealing with them they take a personal interest in seeing my problems resolved. All businesses talk about customer service. Anderson Corporate Solutions delivers it.

I get many sales inquiries from other agencies wanting to quote me. Underwriting is underwriting and your premium will be the same, regardless of which agency requests the quote. The question is again, “What is my agency going to do to help me?” Because I have a great deal of experience working with Anderson Corporate Solutions, I know the next problem I present to them will get the same prompt attention and they will go the extra mile to help me solve that problem. If you are one of their clients, I’m sure you agree with me. If you are not one of their clients, you should be, soon.